Solved: Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04

When installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04 I ran into some SSL/certificate related errors. Here is a step by step tutorial to solve this.

While manually trying to start the server with it’s init-script the following error was revealed:

After googleing for a while I found out, the problem where missing/not correctly added SSL certificates. Ubuntu automaticly links some snakeoil certificates into the Postgres data directory but they seem not to work and a root certificate was missing.

Lucky me found a nice article on HowToForge explaining how to solve this issue came to my rescue. Summarized, you have to carry out the following actions to fix PostgreSQL server on your Ubuntu installation:

Afterwards the Postgres server should start without any complaints by calling  /etc/init.d/postgresql restart

3 thoughts on “Solved: Installing PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 12.04

  1. Thank you very much indeed – I had PostgreSQL 8.4 installed at the same time as PostgreSQL 9.1 on an Ubuntu machine (please don’t ask how this happened!) and removing 8.4 caused this error.

    Your instructions on how to fix the SSL issue worked a treat.

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