Prototyping and decoupled frontends with Middlemal

Have you every developed a HTML prototype from scratch? I did it lots of times and as clean as you start in the beginning, in the end it always gets a little messy and complicated. As I want to concentrate on the HTML using the target CMS to implement the prototype is not an option because it first would have to be set up, I would have to deal with cache renewal and long load times. Also a CMS can not be just dropped to a zip file and mailed to the client to take a look at.

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CoffeeScript – Bring back the joy to JavaScript

Some time agoe, I was again (as many times before often) in a snit about JavaScripts verbosity and gave a try to CoffeeScript that amazed me within the first minute of usage. CoffeeScript is a small language on top of JavaScript, that before execution in the Browser/on the Server has to be compiled down to JavaScript syntax. It removes most of JavaScripts verbosity and provides clear access to JavaScripts gorgeous Object-Model with a purist syntax. Continue reading

Hello World

Welcome to my brand new blog. As I’ve been working in the web business for quiet a while now and also developed some wordpress plugins/themes but never got into this blogging thing. This is about to change right now.

I will post here from time to time about interesting topics from the IT world with focus on web technologies, content-management and some stuff about photography which is one of my passionate hobbies.